Debugging php/css and etc

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Debugging php/css and etc

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Is there a way to debug php/css code remotely?
I know there are a addon to firefox but that seem to just work on "pure" php and can't handle the rest of the code (or I can't use it correctly)
If I get a whole forums code/database from a site to my own server I want to make changes and debug that easily, like step by step as you can do in debugging other code,
I want to debug the code on this "remote" server.

My knowledge of php is not even close to what it should be and now I've been asked to make a big change to that forum so I need lots of help doing it.
This change involves functions that are only there for moderators but some of that code I want to add for normal users, so the basic of it all I can take from different places.
This probably needs some changes in the database too, most likely adding of columns to some tables.

Anyone know that I can use and if that involves the FF-addon then what am I missing.

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