:( I cant get my server working right

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Doogee wrote:Yeah but they offer a free version, and the fact of what i am installing shouldnt change your thoughts on whether you should help me get MySQL working (which is free software, not commercial, whatever)
but i think the more pertinent point is, given what we know about the cathedrals and bazaars of the software development world, why choose a proprietary tool to do the job a perfectly good stable open/Free one can do? also i may be totally wrong here but if the interface between board and database is wrong, it may be because your board is not behaving right, in which case you're buggered if it's a proprietary one, if it's open you have the community (just visit phpbb.com to see the power of community!)

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i got it fixe, it ended up being a php problem as void suggested.

I consider invision to be superior to phpbb

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