help Change MAC address of NIC

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help Change MAC address of NIC

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MY ISP uses Eitecore 24online cyberoam Client software to authenticate nodes for inetrnet Access. for my windows machine to have access to the internet i have to run this Client Prgm supplying my username & password which after acceptance lets me surf thhe net.
All fine till here. i have the linux Clone for the Client as well but there is one Prob. I use Linux on my laptop & not the PC. The CLient is configured on the PC. in order to use the same connection on my laptop i need the same IP, username, password-- which easily is Configured. Now the PrOB is that this authentication prgm tracks the MAC ID of NIC its connected to. When i make Settings on my laptop & then try loging in it says "Not allowed".

Now the other thing. I changed my mac address of the laptop running Slack as the same as my PC via :-

# /sbin/ifconfig eth0 down
# /sbin/ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:07:E9:80:EA:DF
# /sbin/ifconfig eth0 up

& yes -- i was Successful to login. yes the Client Did log in w/o errors. but i c'd not SUrf the net. i cant ping & mozilla says cant Connect to the network.
I tried running netconfig after changin the MAC ID but dint help
then if i restart my PC it brings back the same ORIGINAL MAC ADDRESS.

what i Figure out is that may be i have to set the NEW MAC ID b4 the systems eth0 is Brought UP. That can help

Pls tell me how to & what to edit so that i can change my MAC address on boot up only & there after te network Scripts configure it UP


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