Hillclimb Timing System

This can all be run from 1 machine but I prefer to use 3 laptops to lessen my workload. I run Fedora Core 4 Linux on all machines.

Laptop 1: Timing Display - Timing light connects to it's serial port. The perl-Tk GUI, the MySQL database and Apache server runs on this laptop. I also have it configured to be a DHCP and dynamic DNS server and attach it to a wireless access point (Linksys WRT54G).

Laptop 2: Control - Any basic client with a web browser. I have a wireless card in this machine and allows it to connect to Laptop 1 via web browser. I use this laptop to stage riders and enter footages if they don't get a time (times are recorded automatically from the light for the staged riders).

Laptop 3: Status - Any basic client with a web browser. Has a laser printer attached and after each run from each class the sheet can be sorted and printed for riders to check their positions. You could allow riders to browse the classes via the browser (I use htaccess security so a username/password is required to do anything other than read).
Partially Working Demo of Web Interface
(demo database reset every hour)
Screenshots (click for full size):

Full Desktop Shot


Class sheet in web interface


Best Time list







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NOTE: This was written on Linux. I would be more than happy to help you get this running on Linux but don't waste your time asking for help with Windows.
Hillclimb Timing Lights
Required LCD Font
xt serial program
NOTE: I stripped this down so it does nothing more than configure the serial port and then exit. I then renamed it "fixserial" (not included, yet). After running this program on the serial port I can read directly from the serial port in Perl.
Thread that gave me the spark
(Thanks Steve!)
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