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ยป Poor Man's PoE (Power over Ethernet)
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When might you use this tip?
- You need to install your router in a location that doesn't have a nearby power source

Pros: Cheap and easy.

Cons: For indoor use only.

Tools/parts Required: Soldering iron. 2.1mm (or 2.5mm depending) male and female connectors. 2 RJ45 couplers.

Let us begin:

NOTE: Click on the thumbnail images in this tip to zoom in on the image.

Normal ethernet connections only use 4 wires and leave the other 4 wires unused. These 4 unused wires work great for supplying the power to a device that may need to be installed in a location that doesn't have a nearby power source. Data is normally carried over wire pair 1 and 2 and wire pair 3 and 6, leaving 4,5,7,and 8 unused.

If you look at the following picture closely you can see I just popped open the coupler, cut wires 4, 5, 7 and 8. Solder wires 4 and 5 from the power side (P) of the coupler to the center pin on the 2.1mm female power connector. Solder wires 7 and 8 from the power side to the ground pin on the 2.1mm female power connector. I just bent the cut wires on the data side (D) out of the way as they are unused. You may feel the need to tape them, I didn't. Now cut a little notch in the coupler so when you snap it back together it fits snugly around the power connector, then snug down the lock nut. Repeat the abot steps for the second coupler except use a 2.1mm male plug and a length of cord. That's it. I also made a very short Cat5 cable (6 inches or so) to plug between the router side coupler and the router. Now just use the 12v power supply that came with your router to plug into the other coupler and you have power over ethernet.

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet

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P.S. SVEASOFT and Windows are not supported here.

Have fun!


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